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May 27, 2015

Sherry adds playful flavor to barbecued ribs

Oriental flavors add character to spice up barbecue sauce

I made this barbecue sauce one hot summer day after I purchased some baby back pork ribs our meat market had advertised in our newspaper....more >>
April 29, 2015

Red cabbage benefits from German tradition

I associate this red cabbage with German food and nearly always serve it when I'm serving a German meal. My wife doesn't like German food as much as I do, but I just have to have something with a vinegary taste periodically....more >>
April 22, 2015

Fuel your day with fresh pear smoothies

Shake up your smoothie routine and add fresh pears to the blender to boost your breakfast or snack....more >>
April 01, 2015

Try this 'berry' healthy way to help your heart

A little heart-shaped fruit can be a big help to your heart. ...more >>
January 21, 2015

Stock these 10 pantry essentials for fast, healthful cooking

Stock your kitchen with these basic building blocks for a wide variety of good-for-you recipes that are quick and easy to create:...more >>
November 19, 2014

Readers whip up tasty concoctions for annual recipe contest

Spice up your holiday season by trying these tasty recipes

The Call's annual Home for the Holidays Recipe Contest kicks off the beginning of the holiday season, and as in past years, readers offered no shortage of tasty concoctions....more >>
September 24, 2014

Pairing the right wine with a meal can make a difference

No matter what you're cooking, and whether you're dining alone or entertaining a crowd, the right wine can elevate a simple meal....more >>
June 18, 2014

'Safety first' best recipe for great grilling season

Grilling is one of America's favorite pastimes and a popular summer activity in backyards across the country....more >>
April 30, 2014

Fajitas help stretch steak portions, budget

I like the sound of fajitas sizzling in their pan as they're brought out to patrons at Mexican restaurants....more >>
April 16, 2014

Freshen up salads with sweet, juicy pears

Bring a sweet touch to your salads by adding fresh pears....more >>
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