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Passion fruit cocktails a favorite with ladies

December 21, 2005 - This drink is so delicious its almost a dessert.

My wife and I served it to our friends Kevin and Lora the last time they were over and everyone enjoyed them. Kevin and I drank only one, however. I'm not sure why Kevin limited himself, but I dislike sweet drinks and champagne in particular.

Passion fruit, champagne and Grand Mariner play well together.
I formed my opinion of champagne the night my cross country team won the district championship my junior year in high school. What a night. Almost everyone on the team got arrested for some form of public intoxication. Those of us who didn't got nabbed when we were trying to open a side door of the police station to spring our teammates. Who would have thought the police headquarters had better security than the movie theater?

I remember trying to drive my friend Greg's jeep across the river and stalling in mid-stream. It was when we'd waded the rest of the way across the river we were told the rest of the guys were being held at the police station.

The next day everyone in town could see the jeep from the bridge. By noon everyone knew our story and by Monday our team had been withdrawn from the state finals. Our string of consecutive state championships had been broken.

Sports writers wrote columns about how terrible we were, but we had a two-word answer for them. The first word began with an "f.''

Anyway, Lora and my wife drank every drop of this cocktail.

Passion Fruit Cocktail

3 shots passion fruit juice

bottle chilled champagne

2 tablespoons Grand Marnier

Orange peel twists

Divide fruit juice between two two champagne flutes. Pour champagne into flutes equally. Add tablespoon of Grand Marnier to each flute, stir. Garnish with orange peel twists.

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