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Call readers submit their most memorable vacations

October 05, 2005 - By BILL MILLIGAN

For the Mail Call

For the second year in a row, determining a winner for Call Newspapers' "My Fav-orite Vacation'' contest has presented some tough decisions.

The contest attracted seven more entrants this year than in 2004 — a total of 26 individual entries covering 60 destinations and 44 years.

Several entries, including one from Har-vey Meyer of Green Park, covered multiple stops both domestically and abroad.

Meyer's favorite vacation occurred after being drafted into the U.S. Army. Meyer had never ridden a train before the Army sent him from Jefferson Barracks to Fort Leavenworth, Kan., Fort McClellan, Ala., Seattle, Wash., and then finally an ocean voyage to Japan where he was assigned to the 24th Division Band.

"The Army housed us, fed us, taught us how to peel potatoes; all the while paying us $75 a month, cash,'' Meyer wrote. "I have been on many vacations since then, but they have cost a fortune.''

One family wrote about a trip to the Ukraine last February where they adopted three Russian children.

Others spoke of trips to Europe, Antarc-tica, Africa and Canada.

By far, the United States again was the most popular vacation destination for contest participants, and California was the most popular vacation destination with four references by contestants.

"My favorite vacation was when my family went to Disney World in Florida,'' wrote Courtney Gray of Fenton. "Every-one was there! My mama, my papa, my mom and my two annoying brothers. It was sad that my little sister didn't want to come because she was afraid to get on the airplane because of Sept. 11. She stayed home with my other grandma.''

Mary Jane Wientge wrote of her family's annual vacation to Steelville, which has been an annual event for 44 years.

"My favorite pictures are in my head and my heart and they grow dearer every year,'' Wientge wrote.

Jessica Rapp wrote about attending the Missouri Scholars Academy this summer where she was able to look through a telescope and view craters on the moon.

"Future summers may take me all over the world, but MSA will always remain the place where it all started,'' she wrote.

Oakville's Sharon Thompson wrote about a trip to the bottom of the Grand Canyon on the back of a mule and her new perspective on our state's mascot.

Oakville's Bob Laske wrote about a vacation in the West where, no matter where they went, they saw the same one-armed man.

"I felt like David Jansen in 'The Fugi-tive,''' Laske wrote. "He couldn't find him and we couldn't lose him.''

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