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Mayor's plans public since start of campaign

May 18, 2005 - To the editor:

It may come as a surprise to reader Margaret Anthony, but not all Crestwood residents who care about the younger families of the community view the results of the election as an "utter disappointment.''

In fact, the majority of them — 2,327 out of 4,275 voters of all ages — are quite happy. Although she urges readers to think more "in depth'' the next time around, she offers no evidence that the votes cast in the April election were not well-considered.

She arrives at her conclusion simply by virtue of the fact that the results did not please her — this is by no means an adequate explanation of how much thought the voters put into their decisions, and to use this as proof of her assertion is facile and without merit.

She also attributes Mayor Robinson's successful bid for mayor to the failures of the tax increases I would be interested to know how Mayor Robinson could have ridden coattails of events whose results were unknown at the time voters made their choice for mayor.

One cannot "ride coattails'' in concurrent events. Furthermore, she may be interested to know that Abraham Lincoln was more than a three-time loser in his political career; are we to conclude that he was an unworthy political figure?

A quick check into Lincoln's biography reveals that he failed at many things. My intent is certainly not to compare Mayor Robinson to Abraham Lincoln, but rather to expose the flaw in Ms. Anthony's reasoning.

Like it or not, Mayor Robinson won the mayoral election the same way Mr. Fagan won the previous one: he campaigned, people heard his message, and the majority of voters elected him to office.

I am not sure why Ms. Anthony is waiting for Mayor Robinson's plans for the city — they have been public since he began his campaign. If she read his campaign literature, visited his Web site, and attended the debate, she would be left with no doubt about his intentions for the city.

Finally, I would like to know how Ms. Anthony knows that the failed Prop 1 bond issue was a better tax than one that does not exist? While Mayor Robinson's approach to solving the city's problems differs from that of the previous administration, it is no less valid. I hope that in Ms. Anthony's zeal to ensure that Crestwood remains a vital city with high property values, she can be counted on to support the current administration in its efforts to achieve those goals.

Martha Duchild


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