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Ten-year-old writes winning essay for Call's Mother of the Year contest

May 11, 2005 - The daughter of south county's Mother of the Year is excited to think that her wish may come true.

"I want her to feel special and important like she always makes me feel,'' wrote 10-year-old Michelle Adams of south county in her essay nominating her mother, Sonya Adams, for distinction as Mother of the Year.

A fourth-grader at Beasley Elementary School in the Mehlville School District, Michelle shared the belief of most of those who nominated their mothers in Call Newspapers' annual contest — her mom puts everybody in front of herself.

"My mom is the best mom and she is the nicest, most special person in my life,'' Michelle said. "I can trust her with anything. Even though I get in trouble sometimes, I know in my heart she's trying to teach me right from wrong.''

Sonya didn't know her daughter was entering her in the contest.

"(I) went to check the mail one day, I looked into your newspaper and I saw the ad,'' Michelle said. "I wanted to enter. I didn't know there was a contest like this.''

So Michelle set about writing her entry with the help of her teacher. She wrote three drafts before sending in her entry.

"My mom is the best because she is so sweet,'' Michelle began. "Every time something goes wrong, she always tries to fix it.''

"My class at school had a similar kind of writing contest,'' Michelle told the Mail Call. "A kid in my class won that, but I know my mom is best.''

After being notified her mom was the winner, Michelle said she could hardly wait for the day when her mom could pick the prizes donated by area merchants who co-sponsored the contest.

"You called on Monday and ever since I have been saying Friday, come here Friday, hurry up and get here,'' Mi-chelle confessed.

"When I got your call I cried, I was so happy,'' Sonya said. "I didn't know what to think. I told everybody I know. When I told my husband, he said: 'That makes me so proud. I married a Mother of the Year.' ''

Michelle's dad works nights, so she and her mom spend a lot of time together. They play games together and make jokes. Every Friday night is mother-daughter night.

"We stay in and watch movies,'' Sonya said. "We have a fun dinner and play with our hair. Friday night isn't as hectic because she doesn't have school the next day. School days are hectic. But on Friday night we put the baby to bed and hang out together.''

The two spend so much time together they even like the same music.

"I like 'When the Sun Goes Down,' by Kenny Chesney and Uncle Cracker,'' Michelle said.

"We're starting to have some problems with that (radio station) 107 stuff, but mostly we like the same music,'' Sonya said. "She's a real good girl, a straight-A student and she helps out around the house.''

Sonya is active in her daughter's school life as well.

"At my school play recently my mom asked my teacher if I had told her I won the Mother of the Year contest and she said: 'Many times.'''

Michelle said she wants to be a children's book author when she grows up; perhaps the illustrator as well.

Noting she was very honored that her entry won the contest, Michelle said, "It's really cool that so many entries were sent in and you guys picked one and it was mine.''

And she wants people to know that her little sister, Stephanie, turned 2 last week.

"This has already been the best Mother's Day ever,'' Sonya said.

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