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Don't let one family's negativity distort the truth

May 11, 2005 - To the editor:

I really enjoy reading this newspaper, but honestly, how much more negativity must we endure from the Smoot family's smear campaign against the Lindbergh School District?

To counter the latest letter — a salary "freeze''? Teachers are under contract for their wages. Review of the pension fund? Missouri law mandates contributions.

Reduction in administrators and "lucrative'' compensation packages? Who said anything about lucrative — concerning this group and including Dr. Sandfort, everything I have seen shows Lindbergh's salaries to be in the medium of comparable districts.

And another thing, it takes a certain quantity and quality of administrators to have the "award-winning education'' Mr. Smoot describes. Charging more user fees, higher parking charges, etc., may bring in some additional funds — and this is being looked at by the district — but we're talking at most six figures, when the projected next year deficit is $2.2 million.

Renegotiating vendor contracts? To my knowledge this area has been thoroughly addressed.

The need for a tax increase is still there. Supporting the district on this is a necessity to assure the "award-winning education'' continues.

Supporting the district on this benefits us all by assuring a quality standard of living is maintained, which directly benefits our investment in our homes.

Supporting a tax increase is the right decision — please don't let the negativity of one family distort the truth.

Janine Fabick

Sunset Hills

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