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Agrees that Crestwood 'made a huge error'

May 04, 2005 - To the editor:

I agree with Barbara Larson that Crest-wood made a huge error electing Roy Rob-inson as mayor.

He's a three-time loser only able this time to ride in on the coattails of failed tax increase measures. These events will hurt our city and the district.

I only hope that after Robinson's plans become public — and as I expect, they will disappoint — that we might still have interested, concerned younger residents willing to take the reins when this administration reaches its deadline.

This election was an utter disappointment to anyone who cares about the younger families living in our community.

Have you forgotten that older residents shared the load when our children were educated? No one likes higher taxes but it's a necessity — a fact of life.

How could so many people ignore the fact that this measure was better than the one on the horizon which will hit us harder? It's so necessary to keep our city vital, our property values high, and our district strong.

We must be fair to those who follow us. This is such a shame.

Please think more in depth the next time around, and that time is not soon enough.

Margaret Anthony


Editor's note: The letter writer is no relation to the newspaper's executive editor, Mike Anthony.

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