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Excitable Blue Hawaiian great for special occasions

April 06, 2005 - My son came home from a vacation somewhere on the Yucatan Peninsula raving about all the fun he and his friends had making these blue beverages for each other during their trip.

They were all so enthusiastic about the Blue Hawaiian I had to learn to make them for me and my wife.

After a couple of experiments based on his suggestions, I came up with this recipe, which I still make on special occassions, for two drinks served in martini glasses.

Blue Hawaiian

3 cups ice cubes

cup light rum

cup blue curacao

cup unsweetened

pineapple juice

cup cream of coconut

In a blender, blend all ingredients until ice is crushed. Meanwhile, skewer pineapple wedges onto those decorative bar umbrellas. Pour Blue Hawaiian into martini glass and garnish with umbrellas and serve with the Bee Gees' "Blue Island'' playing in the background.

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