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Take the steps necessary to protect your vehicle

A visual deterrent can be the best way to prevent your car from being broken into.
Many people consider their car or truck to be their pride and joy. Others consider the vehicle to be an essential part of their lives, whether it's for home or for work. The reality is, vehicles have become an essential part of our lives. Unfortunately, we do not always take the necessary steps to protect this valuable asset.

In the U.S., a car or truck is stolen every 25 seconds-that equates to over 1,200,000 vehicles stolen every year. No vehicle will ever be 100 percent theft-proof, and discouraging thieves is not an easy task. But a thief's biggest enemy is time; the more time the thief has to spend attempting to steal a vehicle, the greater the chance of getting caught.

Simplicity is the key to theft prevention. Here are some helpful tips to help keep your vehicle in your hands:

Always lock your car and pocket the keys.

Never leave your car running while unattended.

Park in well-lit, high-traffic areas.

Completely close all windows, including the sunroof.

If you have a garage, use it and lock it.

Park with your wheels turned to the curb.

If your vehicle is rear-wheel drive, back into your driveway.

Activate your vehicle's security system.

Following these simple procedures will help protect your vehicle. Unfortunately, thieves may not realize that your vehicle is equipped with an alarm or engine "kill switch" until after they have entered the vehicle. The result is damaged door locks, broken windows and even stolen personal property. The best deterrence to prevent this from happening is a visual deterrence. The presence of The Club is an effective tool that stops the thief from even considering breaking into your vehicle.

The Club is the original, patented, vehicle steering wheel lock and the best-selling mechanical anti-theft device for cars and trucks. It provides affordable automotive security, and its high visibility deters thieves from even attempting to steal your vehicle-stopping them before they can get started. Police say this is the best way to stop thieves from stealing your car or truck. The device is highly durable-made of cromoly steel, it resists sawing, prying, hammering and freon gas.

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