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Vacation Contest highlights over two dozen destinations

For the Call's first Vacation Contest, Joyce Dunard of Affton wrote about a camping trip to Maho Bay, above, on the island of St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

For the Mail Call

Participants in Call Publishing's first Vacation Contest highlighted more than two dozen destinations from as close as Lemay to as far away as Rome over the past 42 years — and one vacation entry may never have taken place.

Contestants submitted 19 vacation stories about travel destinations in the United States. Among them were seven stories about vacations here in Missouri, including a touching story of a trip to an Oakville family reunion.

Other participants included three who visited Hawaii and two each who visited California, Florida and Yellowstone National Park. Othersiwrote about trips to Hershey, Pa.; Oshkosh, Wis.; and the Minnesota wilderness.

The Caribbean was participants' most popular foreign destination with five people writing about taking cruises or visiting islands there. Two people wrote about trips to Europe and two friends wrote about their trip together in Peru.

Eleven-year-old Megan Fritz of Waterloo wrote: "The Bahamas were great! Wash-ington, D.C., was cool. But Hershey, Pa., made me drool!''

She said it was her favorite place even though she got a stomachache.

Mary Ann Clane, 90, wrote about her May 10 surprise birthday party at heriolder daughter's Oakville home.

"They invited friends I hadn't seen in years,'' Clane wrote. "It was really wonderful. Some of my grand children were there and four great-grandchildren were there.''

The Call received articles about vacations that took place in Steelville, High Ridge, a hunting trip in northwestern Missouri and one glowing tale about all Kansas City has to offer besides Clane's entry.

"This year 50 people in our family group went on vacation,'' wrote Jane Wientge of Oakville "This was our 42nd year together.''

Ann Austin of Affton wrote about a trip to see her friend Jenny in Oshkosh, Wis., when she was 12 years old.

"The day we rode bikes to Jenny's grandpa's farm, I learned to hook a worm and to talk in whispersiwhile we watched for signs of a bite,'' she wrote. "We spent a good part of the day picking around her grandpa's garage that was filled with cool, old stuff. Her grandpa made bologna and ketchup sandwiches for lunch. I learned to love junk that summer and to appreciate mayonnaise.''

Joyce Dunard of Affton wrote about a camping trip to Maho Bay on the island of St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

"Maho Bay is dedicated to saving the environment ... Kind of like Swiss Family Robinson,'' Dunard wrote.

Mary McGinnis of Oakville wrote about her family's trip to Yellowstone National Park.

"We spent the day in drizzling rain, admiring Old Faithful, a stair-stepped waterfall along the Firehole River, herds of bison and elk and miles of lush pine forests ...,'' McGinnis wrote.

Kella Dohring of Oakville wrote about her and herihusband's honeymoon in Rome and the help a priest who spoke English offered them after being stuck at the airport after a 3 a.m. flight from Lon-don.

Harvey Meyer of Green Park wrote about his Uncle Hugo's trip to Hawaii and how Hugo lost his pet turtle, Frisky.

"Frisky, thinking that he had found the turtle of his dreams, fell in love with a lava rock sitting on the lip of a Hawaiian volcano,'' Meyer wrote. "An ill-advised attempt at ro-mance sent both the lava rock and Frisky tumbling into the depths of the volcano.''

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