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Maddox also supporting Robinson for mayor

Letter to the editor

To the editor:

Crestwood's general fund, which supports our police, administration, fire and public works departments, has operated at a deficit for the past seven years, -$143,000 in 1998, -$487,000 in 1999, -$508,000 in 2000, -$558,000 in 2001, -$844,000 in 2002, -$918,000 in 2003 and for 2004 a probable deficit of -$350,000 — deficit spending of over $3,800,000.

With the exceptions of Aldermen Miguel and Kelleher, the present Board of Aldermen presided over this dismal performance.

At the board's June 22 meeting, the board took several measures to reduce expenses, including a hiring freeze with the idea that some relief to the general fund could be obtained without firing staff.

On July 13, the board, led by Alderman Fagan's arguments, voted to suspend the hiring freeze and hire three positions charged to the general fund. Alderman Fagan further moved and the board approved a wage of $62,000 instead of $55,000 as requested by the city administrator for one of the positions. The board's hiring actions added more than $200,000 in wages and benefits to the general fund's annual deficit position. The general fund has spent all reserves — over $2,500,000 in 1997 — and now has a total deficit of over $1,200,000.

The board is in the middle of evaluation of services to determine what services could be reduced to gain control of our budget. This evaluation is to be completed Aug. 10.

Alderman Miguel recommended that the hiring actions be delayed until the service review was completed, but reason did not prevail.

Roy Robinson served as a Crestwood alderman when board actions and policies had the city operating in the black. Please help stop the red ink. I support Mr. Robinson as being the only candidate with the experience and managerial skills to gain control of the city's finances.

Don Maddox

Ward 3 alderman


Editor's note: Space constraints prohibited the Call from publishing two additional letters supporting Roy Robinson's mayoral bid.

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