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Wonders if red really means go in St. Louis

Letter to the editor

To the editor:

OK. I am convinced that we have no speed limit in St. Louis and red means go.

Have you noticed how fast people drive on our streets and highways, and how yellow lights mean to speed up and, better yet, go through a light on red?

We have far too many accidents on our roads which come from speed and not paying attention to the road. Some younger people feel that the laws are made for people over 60, not for everyone else. As a society, we are in too big of a hurry to stay at or near the speed limit and red lights get in our way. Why are we in such a hurry?

Last Saturday night about 7:30 p.m., my wife and I were driving north on Interstate 55. We had been in Jefferson County where the speed limit is 70. No one was doing 70, try 80 to 90 as they passed us on both sides. Then, in St. Louis County, the limit drops to 60. That made no difference, the speeders stayed the same — you stay to the right or get out of the way. I saw no police cars.

Then, as we exited from 55 to Lindbergh, the light was red and we were sitting right next to a St. Louis County police car at the light.

The light from northbound Lindbergh to southbound 55 was green, then the light went to yellow. That didn't slow down the cars that made it on yellow and red. Then, just as we were getting our green light, there came an SUV, yes, right through the red light. Did the police give chase? No, just went his way up Lindbergh and I ask you, why?

The speeders and red-light runners are pervasive throughout the city and county.

I see many, many incidents of this every day.

We have budget problems in our state, counties and city. Let the speeders and the red-light runners pay up and help with the budget problems.

I ask you again, are there no speed limits in St. Louis, and does red really mean go?

Bill Treece

Green Park

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