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Breeding supporting Fagan for mayoral post

Letter to the editor

To the editor:

I hesitated to go this route.

The more I thought about it, I am not a politician; I am a resident first and foremost. So I am proud to be writing this letter in support of Tom Fagan as the next mayor of Crestwood. I am the only member of the Board of Aldermen who grew up in Crestwood, and it was a great place to grow up. It still is today. This is my home and always will be.

We've made it through some tough times, and Tom will make certain that we stay on track.

We have to continue to move forward. There has been some great work done in the last two years — when our staff is not bogged down with the bogus state audit — that cannot be halted. Tom Fagan is the person to lead us in that direction.

Tom is very fair, open, honest and a hard worker.

There are those who would say we need a full-time mayor. I totally disagree with that thought. The professional staff is paid to run the daily activities of the city. Our charter is designed to keep politics out of the operations of the city. The next mayor will need to provide direction, build relationships and continue the fiscal management that has been put into place.

Please vote on Aug. 3. Tom Fagan will continue the fine work we've begun.

Richard Breeding


Editor's note: As president of the Board of Aldermen, Mr. Breeding of Ward 1 has served as acting mayor since the resignation of former Mayor Jim Robertson in January.

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