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Kris Nienhaus and daughter Kaitlyn enjoy a root beer float during the Mother's Day celebration at the Mehlville Early Childhood Education Center.

Early childhood pupils celebrate Mother's Day

Though children at the Mehlville School District's Early Childhood Center may be small, they recently demonstrated that their hearts are huge as they celebrated Mother's Day in a special way.

For the event, the children invited their mothers to a "Sock Hop Celebration.''

To set the mood, pupils painted giant jukebox decorations and oversized album decorations. Of course, the children referred to the albums as "big CDs." Each early childhood pupil presented his or her mom with a poodle corsage.

Then the 3- to 5-year-old children performed songs and dances for their moms. Moms were invited to join in the fun and dance to the song "At the Hop" with their children.

After all the exercise, it was time for a traditional sock hop treat — a root beer float.

As moms and pupils enjoyed their snack, teacher Betty Arendes read aloud messages from the pupils about what makes a mother so special. Among the comments: "She plays soccer with me," "Her cooks me peanut butter and jelly sandwiches," and "My mom always tucks me in at night."

Before taking her child home for the day, each mom was presented with a scroll of the messages read by the teacher.

Each mother also received a special art portfolio, decorated in sock hop style to look like a jukebox.

Each art portfolio contained a sample of the pupil's artwork collected during each month of the school year.

The Mother's Day celebration was made possible through the combined efforts of four early childhood teachers: Arendes, Jane Boehmer, Jan Schrader and Karen Neuf.

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