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Transfer station restrictions exist for a reason

Letter to the editor

To the editor:

Fred Weber Inc. reportedly is willing to cease the proposed operation of a trash-transfer station in their Oakville quarry when quarrying operations there end at some future date.

Nice try, but allowing the trash-transfer station even for a single day makes no sense.

Large sums of federal tax dollars were spent on flood buyouts. Larger sums of rate-payers' money are being spent to build a new sewage disposal plant.

The goal? A cleaned up and restored Meramec River greenway. So, how does a trash-transfer station in the middle of all that, even for an open-ended, limited amount of time contribute to that goal?

Obviously, it doesn't.

The original zoning restrictions excluding a trash-transfer station exist for good reason. Let's hope reason prevails.

Mary Ruth McGinnis


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