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Elected officials deserve our thanks for their service

Mike Anthony
While we may not always agree with our elected officials, they certainly deserve our thanks for their willingness to serve the public.

In light of the recent elections, we'd like to take some time to recognize the contributions and dedication to the public made by some who, by their own choice or the will of the voters, no longer hold elective office.

In Crestwood, Ward 3 residents no longer will be represented on the Board of Aldermen by Bernadine "Bernie'' Alexander, who was defeated in her re-election bid by Jerry Miguel.

After being appointed to the board in April 2002 and elected to a one-year term in April 2003, Mrs. Alexander consistently demonstrated she had the best interests of the residents of her ward — and those citywide — at heart. We hope we have not seen the last of her public service in the city of Crestwood.

Also in Crestwood, Ward 2 residents no longer will be represented by Gary Vincent, who served two three-year terms on the Board of Aldermen and decided not to seek a third term.

While it's no secret that we didn't see eye to eye with Mr. Vincent on many issues, his service to his fellow residents over the past six years certainly deserves recognition.

In the Lindbergh School District, Larry McIntosh, who served district residents with distinction, decided not to seek a third, three-year term.

As a school board member, Mr. McIntosh's leadership qualities were evident as he served as treasurer, secretary, vice president and president during his tenure. Members of other school boards could take a lesson from the reasonable, thoughtful and professional manner in which Mr. McIntosh served residents.

In the Mehlville School District, Rich Huddleston, who often was the voice of reason on the Board of Education, decided not to seek a third, three-year term.

During his tenure on the Mehlville board, Mr. Huddleston served as both vice president and president and always was willing to talk to constituents or the press. He was a particularly effective board president, allowing district residents to have their say without censorship or having to pick a spokesman.

While we believe elected officials should be commended for their public service, we also won't hesitate to speak out if we disagree with them on an issue that affects the public.

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