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No casino stance concerns Beasley parents

To the editor:

Mehlville Superintendent Tim Ricker is taking a cowardly "no official decision on the casino'' stance concerning the possibility of a casino being built one-fifth of a mile from Beasley Elementary, a Mehlville School District school.

How can anyone take no stand when the very presence of a casino can affect those who live, work or go to school at such close proximity to a casino?

It seems Ricker is easily dismissing any concern for the safety of Beasley children.

With a casino located at the Jefferson Barracks Bridge, Beasley children and their parents will have to contend with increased traffic from gamblers visiting the casino at all hours of the day.

Due to the layout of the area, all traffic to and from Beasley must go past the proposed entrance to the facility.

Drivers in the area already get lost and wander onto the grounds of Beasley, looking for the veterans' hospital or the ramps to Interstate 255 located at the J.B. Bridge.

What will keep a lost casino patron, possibly having consumed alcohol, from driving onto the grounds and increasing the dangers to our children?

No casino needs to be built so close to an elementary school.

Ricker should visit Beasley and talk to the parents to find out just how many are appalled that the district seems to care so little for our children.

Deborah Wirtel


Editor's note: Deborah Wirtel is the organizer of Kids First, a south county anti-casino group concerned about the proximity of a casino to Beasley Elementary School.

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