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Hints offered to help reduce your child's fears

Here are some hints to help reduce your child's fears about testing:

• The best way to ensure selection of the right answer is to know the right answer.

• Beware of unqualified absolutes such as "never," "always," "ensures," "is," "are" or "guarantees." They rarely are correct options.

• Beware of extra-long or jargon options. They are decoys.

• Have your child use his or her knowledge of prefixes, suffixes and root words to make intelligent guesses about new terminology.

• Be alert to grammatical construction. The correct answer to an item which ends in "an" would be an option starting with a vowel.

• It is important that your child reads all the options and stops when he or she comes upon the one that seems likely. Don't guess too soon.

This information was provided by the Mehlville National Education Association.

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