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Letter writer wishes to correct 'overstatement'

Letter to the editor

Editor's note: Though the Call's policy's is not to publish more than one letter from the same author in any 30-day period, the following letter writer corrects an "overstatement'' made in a letter published April 8 in the Call.

To the editor:

After my letter appeared in the April 8 issue of the Call, I had a long conversation with Jeff Schlink, a candidate in the recent Crestwood Ward 2 aldermanic race.

In my last letter, I stated that Mr. Schlink "claims to be an active member of St. Elizabeth of Hungary Parish."

This apparently was an overstatement.

While he did state that he is Catholic and he is a member of the parish, a review of articles and campaign literature confirms that Mr. Schlink did not make the claim as I phrased it.

I regret if this created any confusion for your readers.

Chris Pickel


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