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Professor discusses impact of gambling

More than 70 residents attended a presentation last week by John Kindt, a professor of business administration at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, who told them scientific and academic studies have proved the social costs of gambling are three times the benefits. The presentation, which took place April 15 at the Royale Orleans banquet center, was sponsored by Rally Against Gambling Expansion and South County First in conjunction with Casino Watch Inc. 'Those states that have gambling have bigger budget problems than states which don't,' said Kindt, who is considered an expert regarding the socio-economic effects created by gambling. He said the reasons are because of bankruptcies, crime and the fact that casino firms take cash that would otherwise continue to recirculate in the local economy to home offices out of state. 'Get real information out, not what these casino companies circulate. If you fight it, you will win,' said Kindt, who also testified before the National Gambling Impact Study Commission.

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