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First-grade pupil Michael Schaeffer, left, and kindergartner Lauren Forbes position a time capsule, filled with messages and photos from 2004, at Oakville Elementary School — its resting place intended for at least 100 years. Pupils then watched as construction workers buried the stainless-steel capsule by putting up drywall at the new school, which is scheduled to open its doors this September.

Oakville Elementary School pupils

Pupils at Oakville Elementary School will walk through the doors of their new school Sept. 2.

As the excitement builds toward that first day, a select group of students paid a special visit to the construction site recently to put a piece of history into place before the building is completed, according to a district news release.

Principal Amanda Lewis, Melissa Brydels, secretary, Heather Prince, Student Council sponsor, and Gail Stephens, Beta club sponsor, recently joined eight pupils in burying an Oakville Elementary time capsule behind the walls of the new school.

Working with Lloyd Flowers, McCarthy Construction Co. superintendent, the students carefully put the time capsule in place and then watched as construction workers put up the drywall to bury the time capsule.

Included in the stainless-steel time-capsule cylinder were several items chosen by Oakville Elementary pupils that depict today's times.

Among those items were photos, student predictions for the future, a brick from the previous Oakville Elementary building, which has been demolished, and lists showing favorite items of current Oakville Elementary pupils, the release stated.

The lists included favorites, such as restaurants, food, games and entertainers. Statistical information about the school and the Mehlville School District also was included in the capsule.

Plans call for the time capsule to be opened in 100 years. A dedication plaque will be placed on the wall covering the time capsule to inform future students and staff members of the buried treasure.

The new Oakville Elementary School is being built on the same site as the previous Oakville Elementary School, 2911 Yaeger Road.

The previous Oakville Elementary building opened in 1930 and was demolished in June 2003. During the 2003-2004 school year, Oakville Elementary pupils are attending school in the former Bernard Elementary School building, 1050 Forder Road.

Pupils traveling to the construction site for the time capsule ceremony were: Lauren Forbes, kindergarten, Michael Schaeffer, first grade, Tyler Bresler, second grade, Brian Tate, third grade, Keisha Coffey, third grade, Kim Beckman, fourth grade, Matt Chkautovich, fifth grade and Dakota Hopkins, fifth grade.

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