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Disappointed by endorsement of Jeff Schlink

Letter to the editor

To the editor:

I was disappointed to learn that you have endorsed Jeff Schlink in the Crestwood Ward 2 aldermanic race.

While yours was hardly a ringing endorsement, I would argue that Jim Kelleher is the more knowledgeable candidate and more active Crestwood resident.

As you know, I have worked alongside Mr. Kelleher on the Planing and Zoning Commission for a number of years now and he has always displayed knowledge of the city and the issues it faces as well as concern that residents are being heard fairly and accurately.

I'm certain Mr. Schlink is a fine person, but I have always been puzzled as to why, after his two previous unsuccessful attempts at election, he has not offered to serve the city in any official capacity. It would seem that Mr. Kelleher's commitment to P&Z and his experience with city operations should be more than enough to merit added consideration over the other candidates.

One final point. Mr. Schlink claims to be an active member of St. Elizabeth of Hungary Parish. As a school parent and active parish member myself, I cannot recall ever seeing him at a parish function. I have asked many others as well and, unfortunately, no one can place him.

Chris Pickel


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