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Is Fred Weber oppressing basic freedoms?

Letter to the editor

To the editor:

Thank you for your continued coverage of the ongoing injustices being waged by Fred Weber Inc.

In reading the article in your April 1 issue, I especially noted the comment made by one of the persons quoted in that he stated his concern at "putting himself at the very real risk" of being added to Fred Weber's John Doe lawsuit listing of "co-conspirators."

This arrogant intimidation being inflicted by Fred Weber Inc. President and CEO Tom Dunne and the resulting fear felt by some south county residents in speaking out seems to be very similar to what repression of citizenry in a dictatorship or cruel monarchy must feel like.

Isn't this what our founding fathers rebelled against? This is precisely the reason our freedoms include representation by duly elected officials. John Campisi is representing south county's 6th District and doing exactly what he was elected to do, representing the majority voice of all his constituents.

If Fred Weber Inc. is attempting to deny our basic freedoms by clamping down on our right to be heard by threatening us with an arrogant lawsuit, perhaps all of us should now rise up in unison against this threat. I believe our founding fathers would've wanted us to do just that.

Craig Marchand


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