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Oakville Senior High School Varsity Hockey Cheerleaders, first row, from left, are: Spirit Captain Brittany Reis, Captain Alexcia Chrisco, Co-Captain Jenna Hahn and Co-Captain and 2003-2004 All-Star Amie Dulay. Second row, from left, are: Bridgette Cunningham, Lindsey Belmar, Amy Lewandowski, 2003-2004 All-Star Erin Ellsworth, Amanda Halbrook and Heather Sherrill. Third row, from left, are: Dance Captain Jaime Kempter, Melanie Schick and Kelly Schmidt.

Varsity hockey cheerleaders earn top honors

The Oakville High School Varsity Hockey Cheerleading Team swept top honors at this year's Mid-States High School Hockey Cheerleading Championships at Lindbergh High School.

As the coaches and players of the hockey team turned out in force to wave huge Oakville flags and banners in support of their cheerleaders, the chants from the players, coaches, friends and family members of the cheerleaders gave the girls much-needed support to nail a winning performance, according to a news release.

The varsity squad placed first in the cheer category, first in the chant category and first in the dance category. The squad also was one of three teams that took home a coveted Blue Angel Trophy that is awarded to the top three best all-around teams.

"The girls were incredible that day'' Coaches Janine Dulay and Rose Ellsworth stated in the release. "They had such a presence and energy. Everything factored in. Oakville had the largest crowd that took up the entire center of the gymnasium. All the hockey players and coaches showed up with their hockey jerseys on, everywhere you looked was black and gold ... The atmosphere created by the girls and our supporters was overwhelming.

"They worked so hard in the previous months to get ready for this competition. Preparation for this day is so stressful, but the girls held it together and performed the best routines (we had) ever witnessed from them. It was truly one of the greatest moments to be a part of. We're so proud of all the girls,'' the coaches added.

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