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Crimes against children merit steeper penalties

Letter to the editor

To the editor:

Since 1950, nearly 11,000 children have been sexually abused and molested by the clergy of a large Christian denomination in the United States of America.

Why do we fight all these wars on foreign soil? Many incidents have gone unrecorded. This has hurt me personally very deeply. Obviously with the vast statistics, it has been rampant. It is very difficult for me to fathom that these perverts and despicable infidels were not acknowledged by their superiors.

Something should have really been done.

When you put your love, faith and trust in someone and to emotionally have your throat slit and heart torn out is completely devastating. A person can virtually be destroyed by this. Holy Scripture speaks of this in Matthew 18:3-8 — whomever causes one of these little ones to be harmed or fall into sin.

It would be better to have a millstone hung around their necks and to be cast into the depths of the sea. To me this is an un-pardonable violation cast upon these trusting children and youths. Whether it be clergy professional, blue-collar or whatever, it is a crime against all mankind.

I am appealing and begging to all federal and state legislators to push for more appropriate punishments for perpetrators of these vile crimes to our children. Public hangings and executions would be fine to me. As it stands right now, the offenders may get several years, but the kids get life.

To hurt a child like this is like taking all the water away from the oceans, rivers and lakes of the Earth. Without water, there is no life. Without children, there is no future for mankind. And they do not deserve this.

I would like to give President George Bush a lot of credit for taking a stand on the same-sex marriage issue. What's wrong is wrong. What is right is right. Personally, I am no saint — nor have I ever proclaimed to be.

But Holy Scripture was written, in part, to instruct mankind to live properly. Just look at us, after all these years. We just can't seem to get with the program. In the Bible, Romans I:24-29, it plainly states that a man is for a woman and vice versa.

Anything else is a perversion and deviation from what God has designated.

It is as simple as night and day and butter on cornbread. My point is if someone wants to choose to lead a perverted and decadent lifestyle, that's their business.

But don't try to make it a norm and acceptable for the rest of society.

I suggest those involved get a reality check and join the real world and account for their own actions and leave others out of it. Perhaps myself and others should repent and accept the blood of Jesus as your opportunity for salvation before it's too late.

Time is running out.

Mike "Grassroots'' Povich

Green Park

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