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Will vote for one candidate — Karl Frank Jr.

Letter to the editor

To the editor:

I can only say the administration and school board must have something to hide.

Not from our children, oh no. They aren't keeping the Oakville Call out of Mehlville schools for the safety of our children. They don't want the teachers or support staff living outside of the area to have access.

We receive a copy in the mail and my oldest son does read it — if nothing else, to see what shenanigans the board and administration are up to this week.

This small group, which has now formed another small group, the Budget Development Committee, I have no idea who these people are, is making decisions on our behalf — decisions we are never made aware of until after the fact. We cannot speak at meetings and get any kind of response unless it is put on the agenda first.

If I were a teacher or one of the support staff in this district, I would worry about my salary in the upcoming years. With big budget cuts coming, they have yet to implement a cell phone policy. If they did, we haven't heard about it. Yet they have the time to keep our local voice out of the schools.

Well, my suggestion to you is to have your child carry this issue of the Oakville Call with them to school.

They can read it in their spare time. I don't see that bringing a newspaper to school is breaking any school policy and it's educational.

Secondly, this "clique'' needs to be broken up.

On April 6 with two seats open for school board, I fully intend on only voting for one candidate. Yes, Karl Frank Jr. I don't see that either of the other two will help get this district back on track.

In 43 years, I've never seen anything like this. I suggest that all of you vote the same way. Don't waste that second vote on someone who won't make a difference.

One vote and one vote only.

Brenda Harris


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