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Residents giving moral support to Tom Diehl

Letter to the editor

To the editor:

I want to express my deep thanks to the many South Countians who have given their moral support to my husband, Tom Diehl, who was sued by the new Fred Weber Inc. for standing up and fighting that company's actions to force trash-transfer stations into south county.

You've confirmed our faith in south county.

In my opinion, the lawsuit against Tom is intended to threaten and punish him for criticizing that company's actions and I sincerely hope it does not intimidate south county into silence.

If they silence south county, what other area of the county will stand up to them as they move on to more sites.

And south county ends up with a million pounds of garbage a day near our back yards, our churches and our river. Perhaps Fred Weber Inc. should look at its own actions in this matter.

This is America. Our fathers and ancestors fought for our freedoms, including the right to speak — to give our opinions and to say what we believe.

We moved here over 14 years ago because of the friendly people and because it was a good place to raise our kids. Tom's family has been in south county and St. Louis County for almost 170 years.

Tom's doing what he believes in to protect our home and our community.

And with the continued moral support from good people like you, we will weather this absurd lawsuit.

Mrs. Thomas Diehl


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