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Residents are successful in defeating Bill 465

Letter to the editor

To the editor:

On Tuesday, March 16, the County Council voted to drop Bill 465 and return Cliff Cave Park to the citizens of Oakville.

The hauling of "shot rock'' through the park has ended.

The park restoration was not completed by the March 15 deadline, and Bussen Quarry has been given 45 days to complete restoration of the park or again forfeits a surety bond.

I would like to thank all those Oakville residents who signed petitions to defeat Bill 465.

Your participation was invaluable in convincing Councilman Campisi and the other council members that a continuation of the hauling of "shot rock'' through the park for another two years for the benefit of private business on land adjoining the park was not acceptable.

Alyson E. Raletz also should be commended for her clear reporting of action at the many council meetings during this process.

This enabled those unable to attend meetings in Clayton to stay abreast of the situation.

William J. Rufkahr


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