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Fred Weber must despise representative government

"My Call" by Bill Milligan

Fred Weber Inc. apparently doesn't believe in representative government and the individual rights of south county citizens.

After suing concerned citizens who compared the company and its tactics to terrorists, Fred Weber seems to be doing everything in its power to confirm their allegation.

A few weeks ago the company angered thousands of residents when it sued one man who was outspoken in his opposition to a trash-transfer station close to his home. The suit seeks more than $5 million.

It also names an undisclosed number of "John Doe'' defendants in what appears to be an effort to stifle free speech opposition to their corporate expansion plans.

In a motion filed March 1, the company seeks to disqualify Councilman John Campisi from representing constituents who are fighting Weber's expansion here.

Because we live in an unincorporated area, Campisi is our only county elected official. Without him, we would be like the colonists in Boston harbor who complained about taxation without representation.

Throughout Campisi's term as councilman he has conducted public forums and monthly town-hall meetings to gain public input into decisions before him. Based on the outcome of those forums and town-hall meetings, Campisi has represented a majority view in most cases.

Even when Campisi brought forth a suggestion to save Lemay from economic decline, Campisi dropped it when public response at town-hall meetings was negative.

But given their actions, Fred Weber and its attorneys apparently could care less if the people of south county are represented in county government.

Now that our only elected representative is representing this community, Fred Weber, its attorneys and subsidiaries think John Campisi shouldn't be allowed to represent us.

When did Americans give up the right to their opinions?

If John Campisi is not allowed to represent the majority view of his constituents at the Committee of the Whole meeting, then county government has failed everyone living here.

Fred Weber's insistence on placing a trash-transfer station in Oakville has brought a great deal of attention to its operations here and we believe it's time for government to focus on the need to more closely monitor all Fred Weber activities.

Look at the place the next time you drive down Baumgartner Road. It looks like a strip mine. What is the company's plan to reclaim that land and how long can it delay implementation of that plan? It's an eyesore that all of Oakville has put up with for decades.

Instead of permitting Weber to expand, county government should insist the company clean up its mess before being doing anything else with the property.

Who pays when a rock from a gravel truck is flipped off the road surface and on to the windshield of a passing vehicle?

Fred Weber, Inc.? Its attorneys? Those of us living in this community?

Fred Weber Inc. claims it isn't a terrorist, but recent legal maneuvers indicate it is anti-free speech and anti-representative government. What's next? Anti-apple pie?

It's time for our government to protect south county from Fred Weber Inc. or it's time to form a government that will.

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