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The Lindbergh High School Student Council chairs have been preparing for the state convention for almost a year. They include: Jessica Heston and Paul Nauert, general chairs; Lauren Cooper, housing; Georgia Kastaris, fund-raising; Marie Heilich, decorations; Matthew Brimer, multimedia/technology; Jeff Tienes, roustabout; Greg Schattgen, entertainment; Lesley Freeman, banquet; Justin Riffle, dance; Grant Huang, registration; Katie Adams, student hospitality; Emily Oswald, adviser hospitality; Robyn Swink, elections; Jenna Krueger, community service; Danielle Hohmeier, discussion groups; Tori Franz, public relations; Adam Francis, transportation; Melanie Jianakopolos, correspondence; and Anne Schumer, luggage room.

Lindbergh to serve as convention host

In a year when presidential primaries and political conventions are garnering public and media attention, the Lindbergh High School Student Council will serve as host of a convention of its own — a convention that promises to generate more enthusiasm than any political race.

The Missouri Association of Student Councils' convention will involve more than 1,000 high school student council members from across the state.

Lindbergh's Student Council has been gearing up for the convention for the past year, since it was elected MASC president at last year's convention, according to a district news release.

The convention will take place from today, March 18, through Saturday, March 20, at Lindbergh High School.

What will 1,000 high school leaders do at the "2004 World's Fair Leadership Extraordinaire"?

"It's basically a large group of great kids who come together for a really exciting time," stated Tori Franz, Lindbergh's publicity chair. "Our Student Council has planned a number of motivational speakers, a dance and banquet. The convention will also feature discussion groups and sharing. We build our student councils through each other and by sharing ideas."

Paul Nauert, convention co-chair, explained, "Lindbergh is trying to be more than a host — we want to be president, a leader."

In fulfilling that role, the Lindbergh Student Council will conduct several service projects as part of the convention.

"We have a book drive, where participants will bring children's books which we will donate to charities. We are also collecting money from all the student councils across the state for a 9-11 memorial which will be built in Jefferson City and unveiled in September,'' Nauert stated.

Another thrust at the convention will be safe driving.

"We are giving each student council a video on how to conduct a safe-driving campaign at their school," Nauert said.

Lindbergh's own Reaching Adolescent Drivers group will make a presentation about their campaign at the high school.

"This is something that has really affected Lindbergh recently, and we want to extend the campaign for safe driving across the state," Nauert continued. "We really wanted to make a big difference this year, and we have succeeded in planning an awesome convention with three really great service projects."

With St. Louis celebrating the 100th anniversary of the World's Fair, "we couldn't pass up using the idea for our theme," stated Jessica Heston, co-chair of the convention. "The decorations will really fit the theme. From the Commons to the classrooms and the stage in Gym 3, Lindbergh will be transformed.

"Lyrics from 'Meet me in St. Louis' as well as murals will fill the walls. We have even commissioned a giant mural that will be a permanent display in the Commons, and a large Arch will go over the entire stage in Gym 3,'' she added.

Many of the Student Council groups also have something in common with this year's presidential hopefuls. They, too, are running for office. While developing leadership skills, listening to advice from proven leaders, enjoying new friendships and dancing the night away, several high schools will vie for the position of "Missouri Student Council President''

While the campaigning, presentations and dance are highlights of the convention, Heston said the most exciting thing is "the energy that people bring, it's incredible."

Nauert agreed, "These are the most energetic kids in the state''

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