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Column about Fred Weber lawsuit 'right on'

Letter to the editor

To the editor:

Bill Milligan's column of March 11 regarding Fred Weber's ill-conceived lawsuit is right on.

This is intimidation and harassment at its worst. I don't know whether Mr. Diehl wrote that flier or not and I don't care.

Whoever is in charge of the current policies of the Fred Weber company is the one who has total responsibility for the increasingly bad reputation that company is getting.

Fred Weber Inc. seems to have blinders on and can only see what it wants to see, which is profit, profit, profit. There is a great deal of money to be made in the trash-transfer business and that profit margin is only enhanced by putting this abomination on property they already own. I'll bet my lunch money that if this current location is turned down, they will simply move their "proposal site" to another location within the quarry and try again.

I live in Oakville and use Baumgartner almost daily, sometimes several times daily. There is no other good route in that area from Telegraph to Lemay Ferry. And I use the term "good" advisedly because Baumgartner is difficult already with the dump trucks from the quarry and large trucks from the Berra companies.

As you correctly pointed out, there is more to terrorizing people than blowing up office buildings. Now we will see what south county people are made of. We will also see whether the people in Clayton have any spines or whether they will let Fred Weber ruin Oakville — oops, maybe I should have said, "In my opinion, ruin Oakville."

I don't want incorporation and never have, but if the Planning Commission allows Fred Weber to wear it down with their repeated filings, it may become inevitable.

I was at that meeting on March 1 in Clayton, and it was very obvious that the audience was "stacked" with non-Oakville residents simply to provide a head count at the end in favor of the trash-transfer station. Many people who opposed it had left early, not understanding about the head count at the end of the meeting. I'm sure if they had known the significance, they would have remained.

And while I'm having my say, I'd like to thank Mr. Campisi for actually representing his constituents. That doesn't happen often enough in politics.

Marlene Colona


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