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Enjoy creamy Mexican avocados with shrimp and seasonal fruit on greens.

Mexican avocados transform salads from simple greens to festive dishes

This salad combines the delicate flavor and creamy texture of Mexican Hass avocados with shrimp and seasonal fruit.

It's simple enough for a weeknight dinner — yet festive enough to serve to weekend guests.

Hass avocados from Mexico — the ones with the pebbly skin — are renowned for their high quality.

Fruit that yields to the touch is ready to use.

Firm avocados should be stored at room temperature until they soften. After that, refrigerate.


Shrimp and Avocado Salad

1 ripe Mexican Hass avocado

3 cups bite-sized salad greens

3 cups bite-sized fruit,

such as halved seedless grapes, diced mango or pineapple

Ĺ cup prepared

oil and vinegar dressing

1 pound peeled, cooked shrimp

1 lime, cut in wedges

Cut avocado lengthwise around middle. Remove pit with a knife blade and twist to separate halves.

Scoop out flesh and cut in wedges.

In a bowl, toss fruit with half of the salad dressing.

Transfer to four plates.

Arrange avocado and shrimp on top; drizzle with remaining dressing. Serve with lime wedges.

Yields four servings.

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