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Trash-transfer station not needed, reader says

Letter to the editor

To the editor:

Having been to the meeting March 1 concerning the trash-transfer station, I came home very disappointed.

I thought government was "for the people, by the people.'' We have been to five meetings and we have said "no.'' Is anyone listening?

There were 39 people for the transfer station. I would say they were brought in because when someone said, "Let's see their identification,'' the people in front of us put their hands down. How can these people speak for Oakville?

I am not a wealthy homeowner nor an educated environmentalist, but I do know it will be a grave danger to Oakville. There are schools at each end of Baumgartner, three churches, day care and homes. It is a two-lane road. Oakville can't handle 95 trash trucks a day.

We don't need a transfer station. There are many other places that it can go, when needed, not in the middle of a town.

We the people have shown our concern. When will Clayton listen?

Ann Brueckner


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