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Classic David-and-Goliath situation under way

Letter to the editor

To the editor:

I am reasonably sure that if the Fred Weber family still owned the company we would not be contending with this matter.

My memory recalls when the Fred Weber Co. was located on Alabama Avenue and I spoke to some of his employees who came over to a restaurant nearby. They had high praise for Mr. Weber. He worked them hard, but paid them well. They were glad to be employees of Fred Weber Inc. and he was respected in this community.

The leadership of those who now own the company want to exert their will by intimidating a man who is trying to preserve his home and property. They know he cannot compete with a large corporation in its outrageous lawsuit — again intimidation. This is a classic David-and-Goliath situation.

We in south county should support the gentleman who is leading the way to prevent a trash-transfer station from being located in our community.

Folks, if Fred Weber Inc. succeeds in getting its way in this matter, then we will have lost our right to decide matters pertaining to our community. We've seen enough of this already. Let's stop it here and now.

I hope and pray that the light of wisdom will shine down on the powers that be at Fred Weber Inc. and they will accept that this type of operation is not welcome in our community.

K.E. Dale


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