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Hearing for south county citizens falls short

Letter to the editor

To the editor:

I would like to know if Alyson Raletz of the Call was at the public meeting at Mehlville Senior High School on Feb. 4 because her experience was very different from mine.

In addition to the large number of south county people who oppose the casino, there were about 75 union workers who were not south county residents, coming from as far away as Florissant. 

Were they paid to come? Or were they excused from union fees if they came?

They were obviously holding large signs saying "Pinnacle Yes,'' which were most likely paid for by the Pinnacle corporation.

The photograph did not show the other large and small signs saying "No Casino'' which were paid for by those individuals who oppose the casino.

These individuals feel that the presence of a casino would destroy many of  the small businesses that make up south county.

They also feel that casinos bring in much crime — or why would casinos always have policemen on duty — the policemen who are paid by the taxpayers.

Those who oppose casinos cite the negative effect they have on our children with broken homes and absent parents.

On the other hand, casinos promise that all is fun and excitement, ignoring the fact that there are many poor and elderly who lose their hard-earned dollars and their life savings having "fun and excitement."

They say they help our schools, we have seen that promise at work, yeah, right.

Alyson also failed to mention that the power point presentation gave about 15 slides listing the money that the casino would pour into this project and the taxes that would be paid.

She failed to mention that this "unbiased" presentation gave one slide to all the negative effects of having a casino in a neighborhood: such as increased bankruptcy, embezzlements, thefts, murders, court cases, and the cost of incarcerations.

These negative effects, in 2001, cost Missouri taxpayers $604,705,430.

(St. Louis County Economic Council Chief Executive Officer) Denny Coleman must not have heard the loud masculine boos that came from the union men, when he told the newspaper that everyone was civil and respectful.

For a hearing for south county residents, it obviously fell short.

Ruth Speh


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