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Condos a good idea for Watson-Grant tract

Letter to the editor

To the editor:

The question about what to do with the Crestwood property at the corner of Watson and Grant is a recurring theme lately.

I have heard it said that there are other things that that property can be used for other than residential uses, but I cannot think what those uses might be.

Commercial property at that location has consistently failed. I think I can safely assume that industrial uses would be unacceptable, and office space is not in demand.

I would think that condominiums might be a good idea. My mother lives in a three-story condominium building in Shrewsbury in the Kenrick Parke area — what used to be part of Kenrick Seminary.

There are eight condos on her floor, and there are two additional buildings just like hers.

The square footage of the condos is probably a little less than 1,000 square feet and they are selling right now for close to $125,000. It is not unusual for her to get a phone call asking if she would be willing to sell.

Obviously, there doesn't seem to be a problem keeping the buildings full. There are townhouses in the immediate vicinity, and the neighborhood is very well maintained.

If similar condos, townhouses, etc. were built at Watson and Grant, they could very well draw people from Webster, Kirkwood, Shrewsbury, south county, as well as our own Crestwood.

If my husband and I wanted to purchase housing right now — within Crestwood — that had no yard work, I can only think of one possible development that would be in our price range.

If there were additional affordable and quality condos available close by, I wouldn't have to leave my church, my neighborhood or my friends. I could still shop at the stores that I know.

Real estate people tell me, it's location, location and location; and our area is a great location to live in.

In summary, I think Crestwood could benefit from affordable, quality condos and townhouses, and the Watson-Grant tract could offer a distinct possibility.

Mary Vieth


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