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He wants to be saved from the 'good people'

Letter to the editor

To the editor:

After reading a few letters opposing a new casino in south county located on the Mississippi south of Interstate 255, I felt compelled to write.

Opponents say a casino would take away the solitude of Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery. They say it would disturb time spent by visitors to the cemetery, taking away the quiet and remembrance and that time should not be disturbed by billboards or flashing lights.

Have these people ever visited the cemetery or been to the site of the proposed casino? I think not. There is an interstate highway not 150 feet from the cemetery.

There are billboards already in place along this interstate directly across from the cemetery. Noise from the casino?

What noise? I frequent the existing casinos and never hear any noise until I am inside the casino building.

I am a veteran and most of us gambled on payday while in the military. We gambled in the barracks day room. We gambled

in our foxholes. We gambled in our huts.

Why would gambling offend us after we're dead? I doubt I will be offended or disturbed by this activity after they drop me in the ground. After all, I'll be dead, what will I know or why would I care?

So, Mr. and Mrs. opponent of casinos, if you don't want a casino in south county, at least come up with some legitimate reasons why not. Say I don't want a casino not "we'' don't want a casino. I am a resident of south county and I want a casino here.

You don't speak for everyone and you certainly don't speak for me.

I am tired of driving 30 miles to St. Charles to get to a decent casino.

The opponents say there will be an increase in crime if a casino is built, but they never back that statement up with statistics or facts.

They say it will hook people on gambling. If people are compulsive gamblers, they don't need a casino to indulge. There are horse races, poker games and bookies everywhere with whom to bet.

I know you have heard this before, but I'll say it again: If you don't want to gamble, don't frequent the casino. Don't tell me I can't attend if I am so inclined.

Save me from the "good people."

Gary Solovic


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