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CSGA member should get his 'facts' straight

Letter to the editor

To the editor:

It was indeed distressing to read in another publication a recent letter by Roger Anderson, who is a self-identified member of the Crestwood Smart Growth Alliance.

This letter dealt with the restoration of the financial condition of Crestwood.

Unfortunately, it continues the relentless campaign of misinformation and possible intentional deception of Crestwood residents by CSGA members in their vendetta against Mayor Jim Robertson and in their attacks on other elected and appointed Crestwood officials.

In his rambling letter, Mr. Anderson stated, "It should be noted that Mayor Robertson was a member of the aldermanic Ways and Means Committee, which oversaw the Crestwood budget, before he became mayor.''

This is a blatantly false, personal attack on Mayor Robertson as Alderman Richard LaBore and Alderman Gary Vincent were the aldermanic members on the Ways and Means Committee prior to Alderman Robertson becoming mayor.

Only after he became mayor in April 2002 did Mayor Robertson become a member of the Ways and Means Committee.

Thus Alderman Robertson played no direct Ways and Means Committee role in the oversight of the fiscal 2001 and 2002 budgets that are the main focus of the forensic audit.

In fact, Alderman Robertson joined Alderman Don Maddox in voting against the fiscal 2001 operating budget. It was an inability to obtain accurate information about Crestwood's finances that helped Alderman Robertson make his decision to seek the mayoral chair.

If anyone has played a leading role in restoring Crestwood's financial condition, it is Mayor Robertson. Mr. Anderson should get his "facts'' straight.

David M. Brophy


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