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'Let us alone' — take casino plans elsewhere

Letter to the editor

To the editor:

The promises made by casinos — should we believe them?

The big-time operators with their billboards and TV commercials always promise a great time for all.

"Loosest slots in town,'' they proclaim.

Then how come we rarely hear of this big money and instead we hear of busloads of senior citizens arriving with great expectations, and leaving with no one on board a winner? Have you had that experience?

Promises, promises. They promise that they will bring immediate prosperity to any community, and expect us to fall for that. And yet we see for ourselves, when we look at the facts, what they bring is an increase in crime, in bankruptcies, in broken homes and failing local businesses.

Now they tell us that south county will benefit. We don't think so. We do not want our honored dead at the Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery to be desecrated by a casino.

We do not want our children to be exposed to another addiction and to the undesirable individuals who resort to crime to feed that addiction. We do not want the traffic jams. We do not want our local businesses to suffer.

Instead, we want to know what happened to the grandiose plans of building a recreational vehicle park and a nature trail on the former National Lead site? Was this a red herring drug across our path to cover up the smell of shenanigans under the table?

Let us alone. Take your casino plans elsewhere. We like our neighborhood communities in south county just fine.

We want no casino in south county.

Ruth Speh


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