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Why won't the CSGA allow light of day to shine on it?

"Call the Tune," by Mike Anthony

Crestwood residents recently were treated to a bizarre interpretation of current events courtesy of the Crestwood Smart Growth Alliance.

In a Crestwood Smart Growth Alliance update dated Dec. 11, but not distributed to residents until last week, Chairman Kelley Isherwood of Oakville reveals his innermost thoughts by penning an entertaining piece of fiction titled "True Confessions.''

In the article, Mr. Isherwood once again demonstrates his lack of understanding of current events in the city, not to mention the city's recent past, as he contends Mayor Jim Robertson and City Administrator Don Greer are "attempting to explain away their involvement in the devastating fiscal condition of the city of Crestwood.''

Nothing could be further from the truth — a concept that apparently is foreign to Mr. Isherwood, who seemingly is making a career out of splattering mud on Crestwood's elected and appointed officials. Ironically, we do agree with one of Mr. Isherwood's statements in his missive: "There is no better sanitizer than the light of day.''

However, while Mr. Isherwood demands accountability of elected and appointed officials in a city in which he does not reside, he doesn't believe the same level of scrutiny should apply to him and the CSGA. Just last month he refused to answer an alderman's question about his organization.

Instead, Mr. Isherwood rudely turned his back and walked out of the Aldermanic Chamber, refusing to respond.

As the Call has reported, Mr. Isherwood has registered the business name of the Crestwood Smart Growth Alliance with the Missouri Secretary of State's Office, according to his Registration of a Fictitious Name. Under the name of "owners, individual or business entity,'' Mr. Isherwood is the only person listed. The alliance's address, according to the filing, is Private Mail Box No. 166-9051 Watson Road, Crestwood, MO 63126.

The alliance purports to be speaking on behalf of the citizens of Crestwood and now claims 500 members.

Given that, we believe the CSGA should open its membership list and financial books for inspection. Mr. Isherwood contends residents have lost confidence in the current administration. We don't believe the majority of citizens have lost confidence in the administration. But we don't understand how anyone could have any confidence in a secret organization that refuses to disclose its members or funding as it pursues what can only be perceived as a political agenda.

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