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Never give out your credit card, Social Security or bank account numbers to unknown callers.

Hang up, prevent telemarketing fraud

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Americans lose more than $40 billion to telemarketing fraud every year.

More than half of the telemarketing fraud victims are older than age 50.

Credit card and sweepstakes scams, work-at-home schemes and advance-fee loans account for most telemarketing cons.

To avoid getting stung, know the warning signs of telemarketing fraud:

Offers for "free" trips and prizes that require you to buy something, attend a sales presentation or give a credit card number.

Demands to "act immediately" for a "one-time opportunity."

Promises of "fantastic financial returns" or "risk-free investing."

Requests for your credit card, Social Security or bank account numbers.

To protect your life savings:

Hang up if you're suspicious.

Avoid charities and businesses you don't know.

Ask for the offer in writing.

Take your time. If the offer is legitimate, it will be there tomorrow.

For more information, call (800) FYI-CALL, the National Center for Victims of Crime Helpline, or visit

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