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Non-union contractor responds to 'Grassroots'

To the editor:

Re: response to Mr. Mike "Grassroots'' Povich, Dec. 25, 2003

Dear Mr. Povich:

Once again you write an interesting article, but have to show your ignorance by re-ferring to non-union employees as "scabs.''

As a non-union contractor, my employees are not scabs. They are hard-working Americans making a good living and providing a service to the community.

Many of our customers are in the trade unions and hire my non-union company to do their work at their own homes.

Most of the union employees in the building trades, that I personally know, do a lot of side jobs to make ends meet.

That, my friend is the true definition of a "scab.'' One of your union brothers preach-ing one thing and doing another.

The only thing in your letter that I would agree on, is that I, too, am an American who loves God, and damn the bigot union scabs, communists and traitors.

Mark Menos


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