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Ol' 'Grassroots' has done it again, reader says

To the editor:

Well ol' "Grassroots'' has done it again.

In October, Mike Povich labeled those who would cross a picket line as immoral, self-centered, child molesters and treasonous. In his letter that appeared in the Christmas edition, he added to the laundry list with such endearing qualities as pseudo-American, pompous, shallow-minded, martyrs of ignorance, communists, and criminal.

I guess that Mike just can't help himself — it was a shame he had to spew his venom and preach his intolerance at such a blessed time of the year.

Mike, you asked us for help and what you should do — I presume to understand how anyone could dare cross a picket line. I've got a couple suggestions.

First, try to be a little more tolerant of folks with a different viewpoint or opinion.

After all, the many different attitudes and beliefs of Americans are what help make this country great — as hard as that might be to accept sometimes. The harsh name calling may make you feel vindicated and somehow good inside, but it doesn't do much toward convincing the majority of people to see things your way.

Second, don't lecture me by suggesting I learn the facts about unions. I worked my entire career right alongside a great number of good, decent, hard-working union members.

I'm well aware of conditions that existed decades ago that drove the union movement. And I'll even concede that some of the benefits that I enjoyed as an employee may have been a result of the gains achieved by unions.

Does this mean that the union is always and automatically right, no matter how extreme or outlandish the demands might be? Does this mean that the company position is likewise automatically wrong, unjust, and not deserving of consideration?

Sorry, I don't think so.

Again, as hard as it might be to realize, there are just about always two sides to an argument. I like to deal in facts and try to avoid emotions in taking a position or making a decision.

I had no way of knowing the details, pros and cons, of the various issues that were on the table during the recent grocery strike, and certainly most everyone else wasn't aware of them either.

The union made the decision to strike, and the membership must accept the responsibility of their action.

Please don't ask me to support the cause when I don't have all the facts to make an informed and intelligent decision, when the union is not prepared to deal with their employer without expecting assistance from the public, and simply because you say they were allegedly "pushed into it.''

Robert Wussler


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