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Redistricting committee members to review decisions made last year

Residents who helped Mehlville School District Board of Education members formulate new elementary and middle school attendance boundaries will reunite to decide whether they made the right decisions.

Those who served on Mehlville's elementary and middle school redistricting committees will evaluate last year's process and analyze this academic year's enrollment.

Elementary committee members will meet Monday, Jan. 12, and the middle school committee will meet Tuesday, Jan. 20. Both sessions will take place in the Mehlville School District Administration Building, 3120 Lemay Ferry Road.

Administrators will deliver presentations, providing the two committees with demographic information so they can compare their plans with what actually happened this year, according to Superintendent Tim Ricker.

"There was always a concern about how would kids feel welcome, how would families feel welcome and how would we orientate kids," Ricker told the Call. "We'll look for any pressure points. We look at new enrollment projections ... We'll see if we need to consider anything."

This analysis is part of last year's recommendation, Ricker said, which included bringing the committees back together to perform an evaluation of the redistricting process.

The district's next redistricting process will not take place for another two years, according to Ricker, but will take place every two years so the changes will not affect as many children.

The new elementary and middle school attendance boundaries that went into effect at the beginning of the current school year were necessitated by the addition of a new middle school and the elimination of an elementary school.

As part of the Proposition P districtwide building improvement program, a new middle school was built at the site of Bernard Elementary School and renovations and expansions were completed at the district's three existing middle schools.

The district now has four middle schools instead of three and 10 elementary schools instead of 11.

The Proposition P work also has allowed the district to fully implement the middle-school concept in which sixth-, seventh- and eighth-graders are housed at four buildings. Previously, only seventh- and eighth-graders were housed at the district's middle schools.

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