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Laclede Station route not best MetroLink option

Letter to the editor

To the editor:

This letter is written in response to Mike Lord's letter to the editor published in the Call Dec. 18.

My, my, my Mr. Lord. Mr. World Traveler.

Too bad you chose to "pick on" Charlotte Mason to support your views on the MetroLink expansion.

Your depiction of her as an old, paranoid, and possibly racist woman was harsh and done, in my opinion, in bad taste.

When I sat down to read your letter, I was looking forward to finding some real insight and advantages for the extension.

Instead, I was incensed with your condescending attitude.

Poor Mike. Guess you didn't have the class to make your point any other way.

Well, Mike, here I am. A professional "30-something" — who wished that maybe she had time to knit or sit on the porch and listen to the birds — with views of my own.

My husband and three children recently moved to this area.

We don't live far from Charlotte. We bought a home that's been in my family for more than 50 years — hey Mike, it used to be owned by my cross-stitching, bird-feeding grandmother.

Our home is not in the direct path of a possible MetroLink extension, but we're close enough to be affected.

We've gone to the meetings, asked questions and shared opinions. We've drawn our own conclusions.

We'd rather not see the Laclede Station Road route chosen — mainly because there seems to be alternative routes welcomed by citizens who would actually use it.

The consultant team has even indicated that low ridership is a problem with the Laclede route.

If all of this money is going to be spent, let's get the biggest bang for our buck.

Just one last comment to Mr. Lord. Charlotte and my family do live in a very convenient part of town.

We can get to Westfield Shoppingtown Crestwood, Clayton, etc., in a reasonable amount of time. In the real estate biz, that's often referred to as: "location, location, location."

Don't try to "change" my part of town to make up for your poor decision to live in Oakville.

Hey Mike, I think a few residents up and down Laclede Station Road might have a property or two for you to consider purchasing.

Then maybe the MetroLink could be in "YB" — your back yard.

How convenient.

Lisa Brentlinger


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