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Fowler puts money where word processor is

Letter to the editor

To the editor:

Thanks to Dan Fowler for being willing to put his money where his word processor is.

Enclosed is $10. Could you see that it gets to him? I'd like to send more, but my real estate property taxes are due in a couple of weeks — $1,636 of which are earmarked for the Mehlville School District.

I'm sure the clever administrators in the Central Office are just inside their legal, if not ethical, rights when they submit "travel'' receipts for reimbursement. I can't imagine what difference Dr. Ricker's presence makes at a, you know, school picnic or volleyball tournament unless he's working the, you know, concession stand.

It seems ironic that he had to drive 48 miles to a "Fun Run and Walk'' benefiting his school. Not only does he not live in the school district that employs him, he lives in Eureka. What's wrong with this picture?

And don't you think it would be interesting to know whom former Superintendent John Cary entertained at his "conference'' at Tan-Tar-A? Did he perhaps run into 20 taxpayers or volunteers or National Merit scholars, or maybe even teachers from his district?

I'm afraid Mr. Fowler might be right when he says that these folks do not feel any shame. After awhile, they start feeling entitled.

I'm guessing that the response he'll get from them will be righteous indignation and legal justifications.

Judy Rauh


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