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Jury still out on talent, heft in city of Crestwood

Letter to the editor

To the editor:

The city of Crestwood is "broke"

The books and the balance askew

Done right under official's noses

For too long no one had a clue

Mismanagement of funds ain't no joke

Firings, audits and lawsuits raise doubt

Negligence, manipulation and violation

Understandably make one want to shout

Residents are shaking their heads

It's no wonder they write or complain

Their concern based on fact is in order

Due to the embarrassing cause of the pain

If you have your ducks all in a row

Your opines you feel free to share

Yet the powers that be are unhappy

Well I'm glad you chose to dare

Citizen watchdogs should be praised

Not challenged, nor shunned nor resented

The mess in Crestwood is purely fact

Having been weekly and wholly presented

The jury is still out on talent and heft

Arms still broken from patting backs

Checks and balances are struggling along

Let's hope there are no more cracks

In government it's not unusual to critique

By responding to what's going on

Put your two bits in whenever you can

Before any more credibility is gone

It's time to tighten the belt

And then go and tighten some more

Stop the perks, the cars and practice restraint

Question exactly who is minding the store

On behalf of myself I say thanks

For letters, wisdom and financial clout

To elected or not with heads up in this town

Whose expertise can relax my doubt

I don't usually respond to a ditty

But by golly it's been so much fun

Now the Call and two ditty writers might wonder

For office would you like to run?

Carol Casey


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