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'Silent' majority supports Crestwood officials

Letter to the editor

To the editor:

Week after week as I see letters to the editor, very critical letters about the Crestwood mayor and Board of Aldermen, a number of questions go through my mind.

Some questions might be:

• Are you a resident of Crestwood?

• If so, for how long have you resided in our city?

• Presuming you are a resident, how have you volunteered over the many past years to be a part of the solution, not the problem?

Our present governmental employees and volunteers — I still consider the Board of Aldermen and the mayor to be volunteers — just check the "tremendous'' salary that they draw — have been spending hour after hour after hour working at bringing our city back into an area of fiscal responsibility.

I would hope to see in future letters that have a problem with the present efforts to bring Crestwood into a positive financial position, a request to serve as a volunteer on one of our committees.

There is also the option of serving on the Board of Aldermen. There will be aldermen up for election next year.

How about making a decision to help with the solution — and not be part of the problem?

Personally, I'm extremely smart as I think about what I should have done as I look at the results. But none of us have that opportunity.

In closing, many thanks to our mayor, his staff and the Board of Aldermen. They have a complicated, difficult job. They should be congratulated for being willing to tackle this problem.

And finally, to this great group of volunteers, remember the "silent'' majority understands the problem and will be with you as you work for a solution.

Ted W. Hawkins


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