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If you were elected, maybe you could do better

To the editor:


Now is the time to second guess,

It's easy to critique the financial mess.

The mayor and Board of Aldermen,

Apparently lacked our acumen.

So now we all yell and point our fingers

when after the fact we see the figures.

Yes it's a shame it happened last fall,

Would have been better not to happen at all.

Many had missed the games being played

Not knowing of accounts where money not laid.

Brushes can easily paint them all

When it really was only a few to fall.

Holes created by those who have left

Are now filled with talent and heft.

Checks and balances are now in place,

Strong and sure to save our face.

Let new controls set the course

Our elected leaders have pledged to enforce.

Many who think they could have done better

Are voicing their thoughts through many a letter.

It's easy to carp, complain and bitch

When you have never served a hitch.

So tell me true, where were you sir

When the board apparently needed you?

Give it some thought and get out your fiver,

Visit the clerk and sign on the liner.

Our oversight committee known as the board

pledged to give the time they can afford.

If you were elected, maybe you could do better.

It would certainly be more than sending a letter.

Jerry Bratsch


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