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More Mehlville officials say, worse they sound

To the editor:

I wouldn't know Mrs. Fowler if she were standing in front of me — or Mr. Fowler for that matter.

What I do know is that the more Mehlville School District officials are publicly quoted, the worse they sound.

I could care less whether Mrs. Fowler needed to have a flexible work schedule or a rigid Monday-Friday schedule.

What I do care about are the kinds of things Mr. Ricker has to say. "But we do have standards in employee practices for classified individuals in that category across the district. When I say standards, it's not a written standard ..."

Well if it's not written and not everyone knows it, then it's not a standard.

I find it incomprehensible that administrators in a career field that spend so much of their time dealing with people find it so hard to do so.

John J. Perulfi


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